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High Blood Pressure Symptoms| Causes of Hypertension|

High Blood Pressure! Everything You Need To Know!

High blood pressure (hypertension) is defined as the high pressure (stress) in the arteries.
 Blood pressure is the amount of force that is carried on the walls of arteries with blood flowing through the arteries. Blood pressure is measured in 2 ways. 
Systemic blood pressure is equal to the pressure in the during the contraction of the heart. There is pressure in the arteries during diastolic pressure heart relaxation. They are measured in millimeters (mmHg) of both mercury.
The person whose blood pressure is consistently 140/90 mmHg or more, is suffering from Hypertension.

Blood pressure is usually divided into five categories:

1. Hypotension (low blood pressure);

- Systolic MMH, 90 or less, or
- Diastolic MMH 60 or less

2. General;

- Systolic mmHg 90-119, and
Diastolic MMH 60-79

3. Preparation
- Systolic MMH 120-139, or
Diastolic MMH 80-89

4. Level 1 High Blood Pressure
- Systolic mmHg 140-159, or
Diastolic MMH-90- 99

5. Level 2 High Blood Pressure
- …