Benefits of exercise


Exercise or exercise is beneficial for health, everyone knows this. Many times we find excuses to escape exercises, or even after thinking about a thousand times, can not make it an essential part of our daily routine. But we are telling you, the benefits of exercising, after knowing who you will not find excuses for it.

Know 10 Big Benefits -

1. Exercise keeps healthy our muscles and improves the blood flow in the body, so if you are healthy, is also actively working right brain receives blood supply, and help them become new brain cells Meets.

2. Exercise helps in controlling blood pressure. Regular exercise reduces the hybrid pressure by about 75%. Apart from this, aerobics is also very beneficial for blood pressure.

3 Regular exercise, metabolism increases and calories burn even when resting after exercise, resulting in faster weight loss. In addition, Exercise helps you to stay young for a longer period by slowing down your aging age.

4. Exercise eliminates stress and depression as well as other mental problems. According to research, the effect of regular exercise is like antidepression medicine. Exercise for half an hour a few days a week improves the symptoms of depression.

5. Exercise helps you get rid of physical pain. It provides relief from back pain and pain in the hands and feet. Apart from this, it is helpful in increasing the immune system by increasing the level of energy in the body.

6. Regular exercise reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces harmful cholesterol and helps to increase HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol. This causes the heart to pump more blood, and we can take more oxygen.

7. Exercise is very beneficial in raising and sustaining energy levels in the body. It also helps you to maintain freshness throughout the day and keep you fresh.

8. Regular exercise can save you from a dangerous disease like cancer. This reduces the risk of various types of cancer, especially colon cancer and blood cancer.

9. Exercise stamina increases so that we can do our work better and better, this increases the ability to work.

10. The most effective remedy for keeping the skin beautiful and young is exercise only. When exercising, the blood circulation gets faster, which increases the skin's brightness and glow, and the skin looks healthy and juicy. And your skin also comes with a natural glow.

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So... These were some BIG benefits of exercising regularly. let your friends and family know the benefits of exercise, by sharing this on Facebook and WhatsApp.


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