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Lose weight with These Easy Yoga In just 10 days.

7 Important yoga for Weight loss.

If the body is healthy then life is just another fun. Paying attention to your health is the primary duty of every human being, but unfortunately, very few people pay attention to their health in time. As a result, they suffer from all the diseases before the time. And such a problem in health issues that are becoming quite commonplace is obesity. Today, many people are worried due to their increased weight, in fact, people are so disturbed that thousands of crores of industries have grown up with weight loss.

Friends, thousands of methods of weight loss are described, but in all these ways, the method that gives you a long-term solution of no side effects, that is Yoga. And that's why we are sharing 7 effective yoga exercises for you to lose weight today-

Yoga for reducing weight/obesity for weight loss.

In our ancient culture, many beneficial yogas have been reported, through which regular use can make the body healthy and attractive, and the weight of the body can also be reduced by these yoga actions. With the help of a balanced diet and yoga, you can fill your life with a new energy. Let's see this yoga as follows:

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama 

7 easy yoga to lose weight, weight loose tips

The way to do the cradle-

To do this yoga, select a clean, quiet and open environment. Then sit in a normal posture by wearing a mattress like a mat. While sitting, sit your left leg on the left stomach and under the left leg of the left leg. After this posture, the breath has to be left out, and the stomach has to be pushed inside and inwards. This action should take five minutes in the morning.

Benefits of doing Kapalbhati Pranayama - 

This is a panacea for reducing the stomach fat. By doing this asana, the body weight is reduced. With the effect of this potent asana, it helps in reducing obesity, but with it the beauty of the cheek also enhances. If someone is complaining of having dark circles under their eyes, then they should have daily crisp posture daily. A person suffering from stomach disorders can also get relief from stomach disorders. Constipation, abdominal pain, sour dakar, acidity and other types of stomach diseases end up with fracture. By doing kalalbhati, the positive energy is transmitted in the body and meditation also increases. Krupalbhati destroys every disease related to the throat.

Some other important things:
  •  Kapalbhati posture is very useful in the morning.
  • it should be done after cleansing the stomach (after defecation).
  •  Kapalabhati posture should be stomach empty and do not eat anything after half an hour after doing it.
  •  Do not dissect this posture of patients with prostate cancer, pregnant women and gastric ulcer.
  • If there is any kind of operation in the body, then it should be done only after taking the advice of the doctor.

2. Anloom Vileom Pranayam

7 easy yoga to lose weight, weight loose tips

Way to Do.

Choose a good place and place the posture. Sit down in the ordinary posture and cross your feet (take a pale / like food to sit on the ground as well). Now give relief to your right hand knee, and with the thumb of the left hand, inhibit the left punch of the nose, and take deep breaths in the right hole. Then release the left hole and obstruct the right holes and take out the inhaled breath inside the left hole. Repeat this process at least ten to fifteen times.

Benefits of Reversing Anloam -

This pranayama is also called pulse purification posture. Analogous in vitro is helpful in keeping the blood circulation in the body. Most of the human body gets stored around fat, stomach, waist and thighs. Under the influence of this asana the stomach gets inside. Stomach fat also decreases. The inverse effect of the ink is felt in the body, as well as the excess weight of the body.

3. Yachasan Yoga / Naukasan Yogasana.

7 easy yoga to lose weigh, weight lose tips, naukasan

How to do a yacht pose.

Boat naukasana first place the posture, face towards the sky and lie directly on the back of the back Hold hands straight to the waist, and place your palms on the floor and keep it. Now slowly move your neck upward and keep your hands straight, raise your neck like the neck, and raise your legs along the same side and take the form of a boat. In this currency, you remain about twenty-five to thirty seconds. Then slowly move to normal posture. Repeat boating two to three times.

(Note - Whenever there is any pain in the body or, if you feel more than normal, return to the normal state immediately.)

Benefits of boating

It is a potent posture to make the surrounding area of the stomach and navel good. The effect of this asana also strengthens our digestive system. When the food is properly digested then extra fat is not stored in the body and the weight remains in control. Boating can get exercise from the small intestine and large intestine of our body. Due to this daily routine, there is no danger of intestinal disorders. And if anyone has diseases related to intestines, then that person can get rid of the intestinal diseases by doing a regular, boat-raising after the doctor's advice.

Some other important things:

  •  People suffering from any type of problem-related to the waist, do not use this posture without consulting the doctor.
  • The patients of serious diseases associated with stomach should use this posture as per the advice of a physician.
  • This posture is totally taboo for pregnant women.
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4. Balasan Yoga.

7 easy yoga to lose weigh, weight lose tips
Method of balancing

Balasana balasana first take the posture, then kneel down the knees and sit on the knees. Making body weight on the Adi, and breathing forward and bending forward. Now you should have your hands straight and the palms should be on the floor. Ensure that your chest should touch the front part of your thighs and knees. Also, your head should touch the ground. Take this posture from three to five minutes, then take some rest and repeat this posture four to five times.

Benefits of balancing

This posture is very useful for fast weight loss. Fat of the belly, waist, and thighs starts decreasing immediately from this seat. By regular use of Balasan body muscles are strong. If the stomach has come out of the stomach, and the navel shirt is peeling out of the button, Balasan will remove this problem of yours in a few days. This posture will take five to ten minutes daily in the morning and the stomach will start immediately inside.

5. Yoga Cycling.
7 easy yoga to lose weigh, weight lose tips yoga cycling

How to cycling Yoga

Lay down the posture and lie directly on the back. Your face should be towards the sky. Now lift your legs above the ground. Just like you run the real bicycle, the goal round pedals will be running in the air just like you would. Remember that while doing this asana, both of you should be directly involved in the ground and the palms should be of land. Cycling straight for a while, then cycling while paddling in vomiting for as long as possible. Make this exercise ten to fifteen minutes in the morning. After getting more tired, take a break in between and lie down in normal currency and rest.

Benefits of Yoga Cycling

This exercise eliminates the fat of the feet. Kneeling yoga helps strengthen knees. And with this exercise our abdominal muscles become quite strong. Yoga cycling also reduces gaseous discomfort in the stomach and also reduces frozen fat in the stomach.

6. Setuband Asana .

7 yoga to lose weight, weight lose tips

How to set bridges

Setuband posture setubandh asana first put the seat and lie on the back of the back. Keep the mouth in the sky more and more. After that, kneel down your knees together and collect the soles of both feet on the ground. Keep both of your hands straight and put them on the floor. Now take the breath out of the bone land and press gently. Now press your feet on the ground while filling deep breaths. Now raise the part of your waist up as high as possible. Stay in this condition for about a half minutes and then lie down in normal condition leaving the breath out.

Benefits of Setuband posture

This posture strengthens the body's reed bone and is straightforward. This is a great workout for the waist part. Setuban posture becomes spinal (spine) flexible. With this posture, neck stress becomes free. Strengthening the muscles of the body and removing the excess fat of the stomach are the main properties of this asana.

Surya Namaskar / Surya Namaskar Yogasana in Hindi
Surya Namaskar surya namaskar The person doing Surya Namaskar does not need to do any other posture. This is a complete exercise. That is why it is written in the end of the list by telling the basis of all the exercises.

7. Sun salutation.

This exercise is done in twelve steps:
7 yogasan to lose weight, surya namaskar, weight loss tips
surya namaskar

  •  First of all stand together by adding both hands. Taking the breath in, lift the two hands in the prayer pose. Now leave the breath out while adding both hands.

  •  In the second step, keep both of your hands straight up and move, and turn as far back as you can. Keep in mind that the balance of the waist remains. When you are in this second phase breathe in.

  • In the third phase, exhale exhale and lean forward and lean forward and do the right palm near your right hand and do the same. And place the left hand on the left side of the left hand and do the tax. Stand in this posture for a while too.

  • Now breathe in. Ashwa is in operational mode. While folding his right foot, take a pair of both hands with a knee knee. Now kneel the left leg in the ground and try to lift your head as high as possible. Stay in this posture for a while.

  • Now breathe in, put the penal posture in the posture. That is, take your right foot back. In the penal posture, the whole body of your body should be in a flat mud, and your whole body weight should be on the hands and feet. The face should be in front of the face. Stay like this for a while

  • Come to Ashtanga posture, leaving the breath out in the sixth phase. This name has been given to this asana because in this post there are two toes of the foot, two drowsing, chest, two hands and chin (beard), total eight limbs are attached to the ground. In addition to these eight organs, no limbs occupy the ground and thus they wear the currency. Stay in this state for some time.

  • Now in the seventh phase, inhaling the breath, take the breath in the seat. This seat is also called as Cobra Asana in English. In the Bhujanga Asana, the feet of the feet are on the ground; the palms of both hands are on the ground and the portion from the knees to the navel is also attached to the ground. On the strength of the hands of the paws in the Bhujang posture, both the anusms have to be slightly raised, lifting the chest up, the face has to be raised in the sky.

  • Now come out in the mountain shape posture, leaving the breath out. In this currency hands and feet of the feet are on the ground. The head is in the right of the land and in the hands.

  • In the ninth phase, breathing again into the breath now come in the direction of horse operations. This time, while moving forward left leg, take a pair of two hands with a knee knee. Now kneel the right foot with the ground and try to lift your head as high as possible. Stay in this posture for a while.

  • In the tenth step, leaving the breath out and forward and bow and move in the hand Padasan posture. That is, take your right foot forward and give your right hand to the right leg, do your own palm land and do it. And put the left hand on the left foot near your left palm and do the same. Stand in this posture for a while too.

  • Take a breath in the eleventh phase and go hand in hand posture. That is, come in the second step posture. Take the hand up and do as much of the tax as you can. Keep the balance of the waist. Stand firm in this posture for a while.

  • Complete the Surya Namaskar exercise in the 12th phase of the Tadasan posture. Keeping the breath out in the tadasana, keeping the hand straight, the face has to be raised and kept standing. Keep the body straight in this posture.

special yogaasan
In other helpful rugs to reduce obesity

  • Pedestrian
  • Pavan muktaan
  • Biochemistry
  • Trikonasan
  • Anguson
  • Animal debris
  • Utpalapanasan
  • Halasan and
  • Armhalasan is also effective.

Apart from these, many asanas help keep the body healthy and tidy. If all the rugs are written in detail then perhaps a complete book can be written. That is why information about the main rugs is provided in this article.

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Thank you


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